Virtual Physiotherapy

There can be different reasons that make it difficult for you to travel to our clinic.

How does virtual physiotherapy work?

You can receive care via online video conferencing, telephone conversation, or emails, depending on your preference.  You will likely receive better care through video conferencing than the other two options, as the therapist can visually assess your mobility and provide visual instructions.

Who is virtual physiotherapy for?

If you are any of the following, you may benefit from virtual physiotherapy:

“I am concerned about COVID-19 (or any other infectious diseases).”

I have severe pain and I cannot even get into the car.

I cannot make time to visit the clinic.

I am unable to leave home for a personal reason.

The clinic is too far for me to travel.

What you need to do and prepare before making a virtual care appointment

If you wish to proceed and book an appointment for virtual physiotherapy, please ensure the following:

Your insurance policy covers virtual physiotherapy care. (Does not apply if there is no third party payer).

You have technical equipment for online video conferencing, or telephone, or email, such as a personal computer with speaker/earphones, microphone, etc. 

Once you notify us, you will be reached out by our reception staff and will be given more detailed instructions to make it simple and easy!

For any concerns or questions regarding virtual care, please do not hesitate to contact us!