The initial consultation includes a full assessment, treatment, exercise program and education, and it typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Subsequent visits are usually 1 hour-long and include multiple treatment modalities.

The number of treatment sessions will depend largely upon the nature and the severity of your condition. It can vary from a few sessions to a long term treatment course. Our expectations for the length of your treatment plan will be communicated clearly on your initial visit.
Comfortable clothing is always helpful. For example, for a knee problem- bringing a pair of shorts would be a good idea. Any diagnostic test result is also helpful, although it is not always necessary.
Note from a physician is necessary only if your insurance policy requires you to submit one. Otherwise, you don’t.

Yes, we do. We are experienced in handling injuries and claims with regards to Auto Accidents, and all other types of insurance.

Yes we do. We have early morning hours and late evening hours, as well as Saturday appointments. Please click here to see our opening hours. We provide free parking for all our clients on site.
We ask our clients to give us a 24-hour notice by phone, email or message through the online booking system. While we try our absolute best to accommodate unavoidable circumstances, your diligence in giving us an advance cancellation notice helps other waiting clients book theirs! Please be informed that the cancelled appointment fee is not paid by your insurance.
We accept all methods of payment including credit or debit cards, cheques, and cash. Direct billing can be arranged if your insurance plan allows it.
We offer in-depth foot assessment and custom orthotics service by physiotherapist, chiropractor and chiropodist. Our clinic director has had 23 years of experience in producing high quality orthotics. Orthotics can work both as prevention or as treatment. Orthotics help regain or maintain optimal position and movements of your feet and leg bones to minimize injury and maximize function.
If for any reason you cannot travel to the clinic but still wish to receive physiotherapy care, virtual therapy is an option.  The current situation arising from COVID-19 could be one reason.  Or you may be unable to travel to the clinic due to severe pain or disability caused by your current condition (for instance with excruciating back pain). In any case, you could benefit from online or phone consultation from home until your situation improves.  Your therapist will advise on when you can safely travel to the clinic for follow-up sessions.  For more information, please click here.